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Gaza: Four Hamas commanders killed in Israeli army attack; Northern Gaza Brigade Commander Ahmed Al Ghandour also eliminated


Gaza: After the terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7, the Israeli army is carrying out continuous attacks in Gaza. Four Hamas commanders have been killed in an attack during violent clashes between the Israel Defense Force (IDF) and Hamas. The Northern Gaza Brigade Commander has also been killed.

Violent conflict continues in Western Asia. Four Hamas commanders have been killed in an attack by the Israeli army targeting Hamas terrorist hideouts. Media reports are claiming that Hamas military commanders have been killed. According to reports, the Israeli army has also killed Northern Gaza Brigade Commander Ahmed Al Ghandour. The killing of Hamas commanders was claimed in a statement issued by Hamas.

Hamas statement claims commanders killed
According to the report of news agency Reuters, Hamas, the armed force that claims Palestine and the Gaza Strip, said on Sunday, ‘Four of its military commanders have been killed in the Gaza Strip. This also includes the commander of the Northern Gaza Brigade, Ahmed Al Ghandour. Hamas’s statement came on the third day of the announcement of the ceasefire. Let us tell you that the ceasefire took place on the 50th day (24-25 November) of the ongoing violent conflict between Israel and Hamas. It has been agreed to release the hostages in a four-day ceasefire. So far Hamas has returned 26 Israeli hostages in two groups. In return, Israel has released 78 Palestinian prisoners.

More discussion on the death of Northern Brigade commander
According to international media reports regarding the killing of military commanders in Gaza, the Al Qassam Brigades issued a statement on its Telegram channel. It said “Al Ghandour (Abu Anas) is a member of the military council and commander of the Northern Brigade. Ghandour was a member of its military council. The name of Ayman Siam is also included in the three commanders killed. According to Israeli media reports, the name of Siam Brigade is Was the chief of rocket-firing units.

America considered Ghandor a global terrorist in 2017
Signaling continued conflict with Israeli forces, al-Qassam said Hamas will continue to follow the path shown by its commanders. Their blood will serve as light for the Mujahideen and fire for those intent on capturing them. Ghandour was designated a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” by the US in 2017. In order to tighten the noose, he was also included in the blacklist of economic sanctions. The US State Department described him as a former member of Hamas’s Shura Council and a member of its political bureau.

Ghandor has been involved in many terrorist incidents
According to reports, Ghandour “has been involved in several terrorist operations” even before the ongoing conflict with Israeli forces. The Israeli military post at the Kerem Shalom border crossing was attacked in 2006. Ghandor was also involved in this. Two Israeli soldiers were killed in the attack, while four were injured. After this attack, the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was also in the news. Gilad was liberated in 2011, when Israel released 1,027 Palestinian prisoners.

More than 13 thousand people died
Let us tell you that the violent conflict between Israel and Hamas started on October 7. More than 13 thousand people have been killed so far in this fight. In response to the terrorist attacks by Hamas, the Israeli Defense Force is continuously attacking terrorist targets in Gaza. The Health Ministry in Hamas-occupied Gaza claims that more than 12 thousand people have died so far. On the other hand, 1200 people have died on the Israeli side.